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 Acryl Blue  Duration     BPM  Gear used
 Majestic dance of Nuts 5:01 180  Mopho X4, Mopho Desktop 
 Set to Shine      4.01  132 Mopho X4        
 Electronic Acryl Rain      6.49  120     Mopho X4, Mopho Desktop            
 Electronic Outerland      5.12  138         Mopho X4 ,Mopho Desktop        
 Electronic Nocturne      4.17  170 Mopho X4        
 Electronic Prelude      4.07  70 Mopho X4        
 Giant      4.16  80 Mopho Desktop        
 Street Anima      3.52  166         Mopho X4, Mopho Desktop
 Sweet Synths      2.25 130          Mopho X4, Mopho Desktop
 Three Chords      3.31  86 Mopho X4        
 March on the Ridge      3.05  90 Mopho X4 ,Mopho Desktop        
 Second Reduced              3.26  110
Mopho Desktop